Board of Directors and Advisors

May 12, 2016


2022 Board of Directors

Board Members Stan

Stan Tom, Chair

Vice President – Marketing & Relationship Manager, Valley Small Business Development Corporation

Stan Tom’s current position at Valley Small Business Development Corporation (“Valley”) as Vice President – Marketing and Relationship Manager involves developing program relationships with governmental agencies, community-based organizations, and non-profit groups; overseeing specialized loan programs with community-based partners; and acquiring additional sources of capital for the various loan programs. Prior to this assignment at Valley, Stan served as a Commercial Loan Officer responsible for the direct loan programs. Before joining Valley in 2000, Stan was the lead business counselor for the Central California Small Business Development Center, Fresno office, specializing in the areas of business plan development, marketing, and small business management. Also, he was a small business owner for fourteen years, giving him insight on the many issues that face a small business owner. He graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Samantha Yang, Treasurer

Samantha P. Yang graduated from Fresno State and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an option in Management and a Minor in Creative Writing. She currently works for the State of California. She is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and the promotion of women in leadership roles. She previously served as an executive officer of the Hmong Alumni Club, recognized by the Fresno State Alumni Association.





Simon VangSheng Simon Vang, Secretary

Sheng Simon Vang is a first-generation immigrant who was born in Laos in 1971 then grew up in Hilo, Hawaii before relocating to the Central Valley, Fresno, California in 1984.

Growing up in a family of 6 siblings became something that he believes was a motivational concept in having an understanding of who he is and what roles he plays is vital. In this concept of defining and identifying the many pieces of who he is in his family or in his community, it strengthened not only himself but others around him.

At the age of 23, Sheng began his career with Fresno County Behavioral Health where he became a factor in advocating for others to understand mental health and how it applies to his Hmong culture. Sheng was able to advocate and assist in transitioning the community at large to move forward into what it is today.

As a small business owner Sheng was able to work with the many Hmong business owners from the farms of the Central Valley to the many non-profit organizations throughout California and into other states as well. Sheng worked with State officials and alongside the City of Fresno officials that allowed him to see the many challenges around rules and regulations of owning a small business. Sheng’s experience allowed him to see the benefits and responsibilities of what it takes to maintain and operate a small business.

In closing, Sheng’s hope is to support and assist in building the community at large. Sheng’s desire is to be the pieces within his community that will help move the many Asian entrepreneurs to the next generation together.